Forum Title: Spring is over
It's officI'lly Summer now down here. It's like someone threw a switch and finally turned off the wind, Sun is out and It's not raining! This Spring is one I would rather forget, it was battle to get any roofing work done, everything took twice as long as It'should have, over the last 3 weeks it was 100km/hr winds 4 out of 5 days, and the 4th day it was 85km. The roof I am doing is TPO 3 metre (9ft) wide sheets, I have to use planks and lumps of lumber to keep them on the roof while I glue them up. Detailing is a nightmare, Liester on 8, because of the wind, overheats the unreinforced corners too much, I've had to leave all that to the end. Had a couple of calls from other roofers I know, couldn't belI've I was actually up on the roof in those conditions. I think because of the stiffness of the TPO material it was doable, other products like EPDM or Butyl would have been a no go, especI'lly the lighter 1mm (40mil) stuff. December is usually Drizzle weather and sure enough That's the forecast for next week, and some rain too. Roll on Feb and March :cheer:
Category: Roofing Post By: JEFFREY L (Mesa, AZ), 02/03/2018

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