Forum Title: So How Do You Think We Can Solve The Labor Shortage? Part 2
That's weird, there is no ?Reply? box on this Topic (now Vickies Part 1) any more, I had something else to say. I have been a Marker for the Polytechnic (Trade University if you are not familiar with the term) for over a year. I'mark the written tests that the Membrane Roofer students send in by post, to get their Certificate in Roofing, which leads to being able to apply for Roofing Licence. There have been about half a dozen guys sitting the exams over the time I have been doing this, which is probably about half the whole number in NZ, as there is another Polytech doing the same. These are a mix of guys, the majority new to the trade, and the odd ?old guy? who has been roofing for 5-10 years but needs to pass the exams now to comply with the new regulations for construction. I am surprised how many fail their first attempt at most exam papers, and these are open book tests!. It doesn?t bode well for the industry if these guys manage to scrape through the tests just meeting the criteria on the second attempt. I had one older guy fail terribly on 4 papers, I think he tried to sit the test without reading the Workbooks. Its amazing how you think you know all the stuff about roofing, but when you have to put it down in writing the answers are wrong. I sat one paper myself, no reference books, and I got a lot of questions wrong too. I'm a tough marker, that was my brief when they gave me the job, if I Don't be tough these guys will get through and our industry will suffer from bad installations. I guess at least having a Roofing Trade Certificate is better than nothing at all, up till 5 years ago anyone could do roofing, no licence was required. Overall the calibre of trainees coming in is low. My guess is that if a young guy has any brains at all he would become a Carpenter. :S
Category: Roofing Post By: Michael Blocher (, ), 02/19/2018

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