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Been a quiet September for me, the weather has been terrible, first the rain then the gale force winds, then the rain again. I did 6 days work all month ? We had a big storm last week and I think that might be it for the Winter, the last few days have been perfect, and the forecast is good for 7 days ahead, thats a first for about 3 months :blink: This is a job I have been working on, I have only done 2 days on it. There are two internal gutters each side of a corrugated metal roof. The joints have split in the metal gutter and there is some rust. I wirebrushed the rust and put some etching primer on it, and am installing 1mm rubber. I couldn't get the old counterflashing to bend up (thick as) so I have fixed a over counterflashing above the new rubber. One thing leading to another, now the parapet needs something done to it. The parapet is made of brick with a plaster finish. The plaster is drummy in places and a few cracks. I got the owner up (3 stories) and showed her the problem. There are a couple of pieces of metal sheet parapet/cap flashings already on the end of one parapet and she asked if I could do that all along the wall?. :ohmy: My first reaction was ?na screw that, too expensive, lets just do it in rubber? I'm not really into metal, I always get cut up. I priced it out today and the metal (galvanised) works out at half the price :blink: I wasn?t expecting that. Theres a bit of preparation work involved in putting rubber on it, but even taking that out its still a huge difference. We?ll see What'she chooses next week ? I am also going to cut and replace the bottom 2ft off the corrugated roof and slide in some new pieces, they were all rusty on the ends where the roof touched the old metal gutter.
Category: Roofing Post By: VERONICA FIELDS (Lubbock, TX), 02/19/2018

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