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Following this site for 7/8 years now I have witnessed changes not only in participants but content. This may be wonderful to some that it is has turned almost strictly roofing. It'surprises me because in the early years so much was discussed from soup to nuts. Personal and non personal. Politics, religion, airplanes, fast cars, insurance, lifestyles, our kids, families, music, jokes & funny stories. I understand the connection of sharing your work, seeking assistance on a job, looking for advice, this site is exceptional on that. You have the glory of experience and acceptance. Aholes not allowed. Don't you wonder, I do. Anita & Andy how are the kids doing? football the big thing. MikeH the grandchild is now 1 1/2 stories? LouAnn doing? MikeNZ..How?s Marlene doing? have babies too. Vickie & Steve are you happy with this LULL? Ciak..I know your lurking Bobby..I know where to find you, I just find the Ferrarri Lefty..inspirational, the quiet man Our Philly Poet..forgive me for not remembering your name..I know you guys know of whom I speak Old School, JET, and so many others that escape me at the moment, please Don't feel left out The newcomers Don't know this side of this site. I remember, Im a survivor with the occassional say. NO MENTION OF: healthcare AIG?the biggest bailout with no pay back yet Arizona me your card Frank a fan of Sherriff Joe , this is right up his alley Glenn Beck?fans??? Rothelsbugger?questionable to say the least your kids doing? Tornadoes? are your families OK? Roofing is a great trade for those that are cut out for it like a driver on an 18 wheeler. NOT FOR EVERYONE. Guys you have a life and opinions, quandries, likes & not likes Killian Russell, I knew I would remember, our PhI'lly Poet. Love PC
Category: Roofing Post By: KELLY PAGE (San Jose, CA), 02/10/2018

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