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Do you want to be an employee instead of a sub contractor? We want to hire you! Needed I'mediately: Experienced and dependable Service technician to perform warranty work and set ladders for inspections. When warranty work is slow, you will be helping our roofing crew on the roof. You must have roofing experience and be able to prove it to our superintendent at the time of interview. You must have reliable transportation and your own hand tools. You will be using your own vehicle for service calls and you must be able to haul a ladder. You must be 100% dependable, no excuses. You will like our crew and staff, but please be ready to work. $11 per hour plus $10 per day trip charge on the days you are doing warranty work. someone had posted about doing A repair in Colorado. so me being unemployed,doing odd jobs,kitchen and bath remodels with a friend,I'm always looking for steady secured work. so,I go to the CL and pull up Denver. theirs this add,above. what posesses people to think that this wage vs. expectation is fair. I'm not wanting to get into A pissin contest,yet after Andrew,when It'slowed down and we had calls for repairs,and essentI'lly what this add outlines,the guy we put on made 15.00 an hour or we gave him a percentage when it bode better for him. so,in 2010,18 years later,this is A justified wage? what it tells me is that the moneys goal is to stay in the pocket of the cat while the rat drags his nads up the block. one thing,theirs other jobs that offer 40-55,000 A year. you pay crap your going to get crap people.
Category: Roofing Post By: EILEEN BYRD (Jersey City, NJ), 02/23/2018

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