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I had a 70 yr old retired engineer call last week about a leaking chimney. At the time I was very slow. I spent an hour and a half talking to him on the phone finally getting off of it only by stating that dinner was done and I have to go. ( Dinner wasn?t started yet ) :huh: When I went to do the estimate, I had to repeatedly explain every little step that I was going to make concerning the repair. He questioned everything as if he knew a better way. Spent two more hours there during the estimate. Usually takes 20-30 minutes. Sometimes less. When I went inside the house, the smell almost knocked me out. Same thing in the basement where he was showing me all kinds of left over stuff he had, trying to keep the price down. I lifted the garbage can lid to throw some trash in and there was a disgusting smell. He said quote ? tHere's a dead possum in there?. At one point we were standing there talking when all the sudden he let a huge fart That'sent me scurrying up the ladder onto the roof. ? I did the work in 6 hours that normally would have taken 4. He Don't know it but this wasn?t Ole Willie?s first rodeo. I put $200 extra on the price because I knew what I was going to be up against. Anybody else ever run into this kind of insanity?
Category: Roofing Post By: BILL WALSH (Muncie, IN), 02/21/2018

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