Forum Title: Bad Roofing Job Causes Home To Collapse
Texas has been hit with some very bad storms lately causing flooding all over the place. The rains were so heavy for one woman's house that the roof collapsed. She had a new roof installed two years earlier for $2000 by a fraudulent roofer. Full Story
Category: Roofing Post By: JAVIER PARK (Huntsville, AL), 01/04/2018

You really have to feel sorry for this old lady. Here she just thought she was getting a great deal and someone just took advantage of her. You really have to be some dirt bag to take advantage of someone like that.

- Ron Allen (Newark, NJ), 03/06/2018

That is a really sad story. I guess some people don't really care how they make their money. But $2000 for a roof should have raised all kinds of red flags.

- ANGEL BYRD (Albany, NY), 04/09/2018

I would be so mad if someone did that to me. Of course I would never think to get a roof that would only cost $2000. That is really bad karma to take advantage of an old lady like that though.

- BENJAMIN BAILEY (Bellingham, WA), 04/13/2018

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